INOQ Mykorrhiza in Garden and Landscaping

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Natural production and inner quality of plants get more important in garden and landscaping. Inoculation of plant roots with natural mycorrhiza fungi strengthens the plants sustainably.

  • Improved growth and yield
  • Increased tolerance against pests and diseases
  • Soil structure is improved
  • Improved tolerance against negative climate and soil conditions
Application fields Mycorrhiza appropriate?
Urban greens +++
House gardens +++
Parks ++
Sport Greens +++
Roof +++
Indoor Greening +++
Tree Planting and Care +++
Facades ++
Ponds and Strains +
Verge planting +++

INOQ endomycorrhiza products are soil vitalising substances which already in the raising phase help professional gardeners’ plants to a natural symbiosis with useful mycorrhiza symbionts. The important partners of plants are not contained in customary cultivating substrate. The nutrition of plants during the propagation phase is optimal but already the transfer to the customer is stress.

Gardener and Landscaper often have to guarantee survival rates. Plant losses have to be replaced which is of course cost intensive. The inoculation with INOQ endomycorrhiza products reduces the stress of transplanting and increases the survival rate, thus reducing work and costs!

blumenbeetWe produce INOQ endomycorrhiza products on different carrier materials.

For Garden and Landscaping you can choose according to your application:

  • INOQ Special on peat substrate blends perfectly with all substrates.
  • INOQ Top on lighter expanded clay increases aeration of soils.