The benefit of symbiosis
Mycorrhizal symbiosis
The benefit of symbiosis
Mycorrhiza is the symbiosis between plants and fungi in the soil. The fungus supplies the plant with nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen) and makes water more readily available. In return, it receives essential carbohydrates from the plant. Its benefit is becoming increasingly important. Conventional plant substrates do not contain mycorrhiza and many areas have poor soil life. These soils do not provide plants with sustainable vitality.

INOQ mycorrhiza – proven in practical trials

Promotion of root penetration, improved drought stress tolerance and a reduction in artificial fertilisers. Our natural microorganisms help your plants to grow better under difficult conditions or stress.

Who is INOQ mycorrhiza suitable for?

INOQ GmbH develops innovative products with living mycorrhizal fungi. 
For professional and hobby gardeners, tree nurseries, agriculture and horticulture and landscaping.

Mycorrhizal products and research

INOQ GmbH works at the intersection between research and application in horticulture, agriculture and forestry.

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Using beneficial microorganisms for plants to enable sustainable life on earth

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