Our vision: Using beneficial micro-organisms for plants in an innovative way to enable sustainable life on earth.

Dr. Carolin Schneider, Owner and Managing Director of INOQ

Innovation service

Mycorrhizal inoculum & Consultation

Provision of mycorrhizal inoculum and technical advice in the development of special mixtures for

  • Seed coating
  • Fertiliser manufacturers
  • Substrate manufacturers
  • Biostimulant producers
  • Special treatments for soil and plants

Development & Services

Development of tailor-made mycorrhizal formulations (own brand).Services for further processing:

  • Product processing
  • Mixing of substrates
  • Packaging of the product

Formulation & Tests

Laboratory, greenhouse and field tests of mycorrhizal mixtures and formulations. The analyses include:

  • Product compatibility
  • Dosage recommendations
  • Colonisation rate
  • Reaction and effect of the plants
  • Stress tolerance

How can we support your project?

Well-positioned. Our modern infrastructure enables us to advance your projects.
We work with you to develop mycorrhizal formulations that are perfectly tailored to your plants.

  • Microbiological laboratory

    Examination of soil and root samples, as well as for the examination of specific growth-promoting properties of microorganisms with a spectrophotometer (e.g. spectrophotometric measurements of DNA, RNA, enzyme activities, optical density of bacteria cultures, etc.)

  • Molecular-biological laboratory

    Molecular-biological laboratory for the identification of microorganisms (PCR, electrophoresis, gel documentation, incubation rotator)

  • Production areas

    3,000 m² greenhouse and 16.5 ha of agricultural trial areas and plant production

  • Production plants

    for the development and processing of mycorrhizal formulations with different substrates

  • Professional staff

    Specialised scientific staff to support the product development process of our customers

INOQ research and development.


Institut für Pflanzenkultur (Institute for Plant Culture) offers you the following examinations of soil and root samples:

Our value proposition for your company

  • Strict quality control to ensure the effectiveness of the product, the vitality of spores and phytopathogen-free products
  • A high quality product at a good price
  • Sound technical and scientific background with access to a large network of scientists to support our product development process:
    • Research cooperation with over 60 renowned universities and private companies from all over the world
    • More than 45 scientific publications in internationally recognised journals and at conferences
    • Research and innovation experience with more than 40 European and international projects (EU H2020, Eurostars and others)

Our team looks forward to supporting you

Take a look at what is suitable for your area and get in touch with us – we thrive on mastering new challenges.