Mycorrhiza research and quality

With its production and development site in Germany, INOQ GmbH guarantees high-quality mycorrhizal products through constant quality controls.

We produce in Germany with extensive quality control, which guarantees a high-quality mycorrhizal product for your specific area of application.

To this end, we are involved in national and international research projects and associations.
We are a member of the German and European standardisation committees for the standardisation of biostimulants according to EU legislation. In our micro and molecular biology laboratory, we can carry out root and soil analyses for you. Our scientific and technical staff will be happy to consider your specific requirements and advise you on product selection and application.

Louis Mercy, Research and Development.

Our research results make a sustainable contribution to a healthy and growing world.

Louis Mercy, Research and Development

INOQ GmbH works closely with the Institut für Pflanzenkultur (Institute for Plant Culture) and other national and international research institutions on extensive research projects. To this end, we have and receive funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Union, among others.
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The BMBF funds individual measures of our company and projects in which we participate.

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European Union

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Here, Europe is investing in rural areas.

Innovation through research award for INOQ GmbH

As a company, we have been recognised by the Stifterverband for our research activities.

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Scientific work in mycorrhiza research

Over the years, a considerable archive of contributions by our researchers has emerged on the subject of mycorrhiza.
Here you can view publications on research and development.

Projects and partners

An overview of projects that we have implemented together with international research institutions and the Institut für Pflanzenkultur.

Lectures & Posters

Follow where our scientists have given lectures at congresses and exhibitions and which posters you have helped to design.

Application with INOQ

Publications by other authors using one of our INOQ products.


Publications and contributions from our scientists in journals and books.