The INOQ GmbH and its parent company Institut für Pflanzenkultur work at the interface between research and application in the field of horticulture, agriculture and forestry. Microbiological work forms the foundation for the marketing of bio-stimulants such as mycorrhiza.

Mycorrhizal products are sold by INOQ in all areas of horticulture and landscaping, in plant tissue cultures and in vegetable production in the European market. In the nearly 15 years since its introduction on the market, the production of first 20,000 liters per year was increased to 200,000 liters per year. INOQ has a comprehensive biobank of mycorrhizal fungi and other microorganisms that have plant growth promoting effects. INOQ has access to infrastructure for the in vitro cultivation of AMF. Microbiological laboratories with 11 laminar airflow cabinets and 5 climate chambers and laboratories for quality assurance (including a S1 lab for molecular biology) are available. The various production facilities and areas for greenhouse and field experiments enable the analysis of many bio-stimulant related questions with national and international partners.