INOQ Rhodazo

Gardening and landscaping, especially for Ericaceae

tolerance to pests
and drought-stress

rooting of cuttings



What properties does INOQ Rhodazo have?
Blends perfectly with all substrates
Increases absorption of water
Improves soil structure and aggregation
Increases humus content
May be used in organic farming in accordance with EC Commission Regulation 889/2008 Article 3(4)
Ericomycorrhizal fungi
(native strains, do not contain
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs))
Hymenoscyphus ericae spp.
Mycorrhiza Effectiveness
(increased growth in standardized test)
24± 6 %*

Torfsubstrat für MykorrhizaCarrier material
Specific weight

Peat substrate
170 – 300 g/L
Storage 6 months, between 4 °C and 15 °C,
under dark and dry conditions
Packaging 20 x 200 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 25 L, 1.000 L

*Per product declaration