Recultivation, blending with seeds, blending with fertiliser

growth and survival rates

faster crop cover

Improves tolerance
to elevated contaminant levels

Aggregates soils particles
with fungi´s binders


What properties does INOQ Agri have?
High pour ability
Good adherence to slopes
Listed in the Resource List of RIOA Germany e.V.
May be used in organic farming in accordance with EC Commission Regulation 889/2008 Article 3(4)
Endomycorrhizal fungi
(native strains, do not contain
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs))
Rhizoglomus irregulare (Blaszk.,Wubet, Renker & Buscot) Sieverd., G.A. Silva & Oehl
Funneliformis mosseae (T.H. Nicolson & Gerd.) C.Walker & A.Schüßler
Funneliformis caledonium (T.H.Nicolson & Gers.) C.Walker & A.Schüßler
Mycorrhiza Units [per ml] 145*
Mycorrhiza Effectiveness
(increased growth in standardized test)
47± 8 %*

Vermiculite-2Carrier material

Specific weight

Vermiculite 1-2 mm

350 – 480 g/L

Storage 2 years, between 4 °C and 15 °C,
under dark and dry conditions
Packaging 20 x 200 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 25 L,
1000 L

*Per product declaration