Mycorrhiza Products

INOQ Mycorrhiza is the future


INOQ GmbH develops innovative ecological products with mycorrhiza fungi for professional and amateur gardeners, nurseries and agriculture.

INOQ Mycorrhiza for special applications

The following soil vitalizing products with mycorrhiza fungi are now available.:

Product Mycorrhiza Carrier material Produktdeclaration
NEW INOQ Advantage Endomycorrhiza Without
(small shares of Vermiculite 0,5mm)
INOQ Agri* Endomycorrhiza Vermiculite 1-2 mm Agri_e.pdf
INOQ Forest Endo- und Ectomycorrhiza Peat substrate Forest_e.pdf
INOQ Hobby Endomycorrhiza Peat substrate  more information
INOQ Rhodazo Ericoide Mycorrhiza Peat substrate Rhodazo_e.pdf
INOQ Special Endomycorrhiza Peat substrate Special_e.pdf
INOQ Sprint Endomycorrhiza Sand 1-2 mm Sprint_e.pdf
INOQ Top Endomycorrhiza Expanded clay 0,5-2,5 mm Top_e.pdf

All INOQ Mycorrhiza products may be used in organic farming in accordance with EC Commission Regulation 889/2008 Article 3 (4)
INOQ products do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).
* Listed in the Resource List of FIBLGermany e.V.

FIBL certificate of conformity 2019-2020, INOQ Agri und INOQ Advantage

poster-anwendungsbereicheWe are continuously working on innovative quality products for ecological horticulture. With our research co-operations, we participate in international projects for the restoration of heavy metal and salt-loaded areas as well as reforestation programmes. Please contact us also for special applications such as tree restoration, depositing area greenery, disused industrial areas, verge planting. If you need any other carrier material, we would be pleased to advise you.

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