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Natural production and inner quality of plants get more important in horticulture and landscaping. Inoculation of plant roots with natural mycorrhiza fungi strengthens the plants sustainably.

  • Increased growth and blossoming
  • Improved tolerance against pests and diseases
  • Increased rooting of cuttings

neu_pflanzenproduktion154INOQ endomycorrhiza products are soil vitalising substances which already in the raising phase helps professional gardeners’ plants to a natural symbiosis with useful mycorrhiza symbionts. The important partners of plants are not contained in customary cultivating earth. The nutrition of plants during the propagation phase is optimal but already the transfer to the customer is stress. But only a vital, long blossoming plant will satisfy the customer. In sales the inoculation with mycorrhiza was mentioned to the customer, who asked for mycorrhized plants in the next season. The professional gardener will produce healthy plants with INOQ endomycorrhiza products and will satisfy his customers in long terms. Very important is that customary fungicides are tolerated by mycorrhiza fungi. Tests show positive effects on all plants for beds and balconys!


We produce INOQ endomycorrhiza products on different carrier materials For Plant Production you can choose according to your production system:

  • INOQ Special on peat substrate blends perfectly with all substrates
  • INOQ Top on lighter expanded clay increases aeration of soils