INOQ Mycorrhiza for Golf and Sport Greens

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INOQ Sprint

Golf and sport greens are often excessively used. For the health of the grasses customary tending is not enough.

  • Fast growth and rooting is improved
  • Improved tolerance against drought stress
  • Undesireable gras species are depressed
  • Fertilizer usage can be decreased

The active soil life also produces healthy stands and is important for greens. Soil microorganisms like mycorrhiza fungi live in a beneficial partnership with plant roots. Scientific tests show the good results of the application of INOQ endomycorrhiza products: the water consumption is minimized, undesirable gras species are depressed and fertilizer usage can be decreased. The improved tolerance against drought stress can be shown in impressive trials:


We therefore recommend for a new lawn or for annual inoculation the application of 100 ml/sqm followed by irrigation if necessary. INOQ endomycorrhiza can be spread also under lawn mats.

Greenkeeper can use mycorrhizal fungi to improve the health and vigour of their turf grass. INOQ mycorrhiza is ready for application during aeration. Stressed greens recover rapidly and thus can be used sooner.

green-mit-leuten-grgreen-aerfiziert-hydro-grWe produce INOQ endomycorrhiza products on different carrier materials. For Golf and Sport Greens you can choose according to your application:

  • INOQ Agri on vermiculite is most suitable for establishment of new lawns.
  • INOQ Sprint on sand blends perfectly with other amendments and trickles easily.