Our mycorrhiza products are available in different substrate materials and in different granulations, to serve the needs of different areas of application (vermiculite, lava, expanded clay, peat, sand). It is always important that the fungi are applied to the roots of the plant, therefore INOQ products are to be mixed in underneath the plant substrate, or applied directly to the hole for the plant. Some products can also be mixed with water and applied to moisten bare-root plants.

Field of application Application (examples)
Gardens and landscaping In the hole for the plant
Bedding and balcony plants
Indoor gardens
Crop production Application of mycorrhizal substrates
Embankment areas
Roof gardens
High-altitude areas Mix in beneath seeds for hydro seeding
Golf courses During aeration
Tree planting and maintenance Application of mycorrhizal substrates
In the hole for the plant

The amounts to be used depend on the size of the plant and the root ball. We are happy to give you support, ask us for a consultation!

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