Colonization of potato (field) by Rhizophagus irregularis 2-kl

The production of mycorrhizal fungi must be undertaken with great care. We produce our products in Germany, and pay attention to the natural living conditions of the fungi when manufacturing, in order to provide customers with vital fungi. Our comprehensive quality control guarantees a valuable product for your application.

2014_09_04_Bea Mikroskop-300pxScientific testing processes are used to ensure effectiveness and to guarantee the special qualities of the product. We developed this quality control process with other manufacturers of inocula in Germany and Europe. It is carried out according to the guidelines of the voluntary agreement of the interest group “Applications of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi in horticultural practice” from 02/12/1997.


A test is carried out to determine the quantity of mycorrhiza fungi in an inoculum (MPN test), the effectiveness is tested, and a macro array analysis is conducted, in order to eliminate phytopathogens.

The criteria for quality and the product safety measures are published in data sheets. These are available for download as a PDF at our website Mycorrhiza Products (Product declaration).