INOQ Mycorrhiza for Roof Planting

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Roof planting gets more and more popular due to its economic and ecologic advantages, such as reduced renovation and energy costs or substitute for lost landscapes. The additional vegetation is natural habitat for plants and animals on unusual stands. Inoculation with natural mycorrhiza fungi strengthens the plants sustainably.

  • Increased survival and growth rates
  • Tolerance against bad climate conditions is improved
  • Increased tolerance against pests and diseases
  • Improved tolerance of pollutants

A roof planting is an isolated stand with no direct contact to soil. Problems do occur on the extremely difficult site “Roof”. Heat and dryness alternate with cold and wetness. A symbiosis with INOQ endomycorrhiza facilitates these problems for the plants on the roof and helps them to successfully grow in this extreme living space. Establishment of the symbiosis between INOQ mycorrhiza and herbaceous plants lead to increased seedling establishment and better growing performance. Nutrients and water can be better absorbed. INOQ endomycorrhiza give vegetation mats the essential vigour on your roof. A very good blend of nature and architecture is the new „Hundertwasserbahnhof“ in the city of Uelzen, Germany. Architecture gets a modern aspect with nature, INOQ endomycorrhiza helps nature to vitality!

hundertwasser-bahnhof-dachbegruenung-grWe produce INOQ endomycorrhiza products on different carrier materials.

For roof planting you can choose according to your application system:

  • INOQ Special on peat substrate blends perfectly with all substrates