INOQ Mycorrhiza for tree propagation, planting and restoration

Tree planting

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Trees build a symbiosis with two different mycorrhiza fungi groups. You will find endomycorrhiza but also ectomycorrhiza which is mainly found with forest trees. INOQ Forest contains a blend of various fungi so that the trees can choose the best partner for their symbiosis.

  • Early mycorrhization and vitalization in production
  • FLL-Guidelines recommend mycorrhiza for planting in Germany
  • Vitalization with mycorrhiza during tree restoration


Plant production in nurserys is often difficult because of a low activity of soil microorganisms.Subsequently a high mortality and low growth rates do occur. We work together with nurserys who want to supply their woods already during planting with necessary mycorrhiza fungi. Thus the fungi vitalize the soil and stabilise the plants against stress. Mortality rates decrease and the inner quality of the woods is strengthened.

Tree planting and restoration

In Germany tree planting in urban areas is carried out after FLL-Guidelines. The application of mycorrhiza is recommended and often necessary. Preservation of old tree population is particularly important. Compressed soils, road salt and low nutrient contents very often stress old trees in urban areas and parks. Modern on –site- methods bring in the necessary nutrients and air with high pressure. Compressed soils are re-ventilated and the trees are provided with nutrients and air. To guarantee a sustainable success of the method tree caring companys add INOQ mycorrhiza to apply the important mycorrhiza fungi.

Tree species Survival rate  Fresh weight
Broad-leaved trees (Test with 15 species ) up to 40% up to 30%
Needle trees (Test with 8 species) upt to 55% up to 38%

INOQ Ectomycorrhiza is produced on peat substrate. INOQ Endomycorrhiza products can be ordered on different carrier materials. Please choose the suitable mycorrhiza product for your tree species from the table on the back.

  • INOQ Forest on peat substrat is suitable for all trees with ectomycorrhiza
  • INOQ Special also on peat is suitable for all trees with endomycorrhiza

Endo- or Ectomycorrhiza for trees (example): This list is available for download here.